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The Importance of Regular Sleep for the Elderly

Sleep is important for all, especially for the elderly. Sleep is responsible for many aspects of our health, from our energy levels to the state of our mental health. In order to maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, it is … Continue reading

Posted in Senior Tips

2 Kinds of Pain That Are Common Among Seniors

We know we have reached our senior years when we can feel discomfort and pain more frequently in different parts of our body. It could start from a simple crack on our knees or a feeling of fatigue on our … Continue reading

Posted in Pain

How To: Determine If Your Loved One Needs Medical or Non-medical Health Care

We often confuse the two terms. Sometimes we think that medical and non-medical health care are similar in all aspects. They both provide care and treatment for the senior and the sickly but they vary as to the degree of … Continue reading

Posted in Medical or Non-medical Health Care

5 Tips on Caring for ALS Patients

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS is a neuro-degenerative disease that affects the control of your voluntary muscles. If you have this, you will have more difficulty walking, chewing your food, and talking. It gets worse over time. If … Continue reading

Posted in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

What Do You Really Mean by Independent Senior Living?

We have been trained all our lives to do things on our own. When we were babies our parents would teach us how to do the basic things for us to be independent when we grow up. Eventually, we do … Continue reading

Posted in Home Care Service, In-Home Care, Senior Tips

Medical Home Care vs Non-Medical Home Care: Is There a Difference?

We often hear about medical home care, then there is non-medical home care, too. These two services look the same but they are different from one another. One pertains to the technical side of care and the other is on … Continue reading

Posted in healthcare service

How Can Your Diet Keep You Healthy at an Advanced Age?

If you are interested in maintaining your youth as you grow older, there are many things you can actually do, such as exercise. However, one of the most effective methods that you can do without ever leaving the comfort of … Continue reading

Posted in Home Care Service, In-Home Care, Senior Tips

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