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Medical Home Care vs Non-Medical Home Care: Is There a Difference?


We often hear about medical home care, then there is non-medical home care, too. These two services look the same but they are different from one another. One pertains to the technical side of care and the other is on the lighter side of providing care.

If you are thinking of getting your senior loved ones a caregiver but do not know which one to get. Let the brief discussion below help you make up your mind.

Medical Home Care

It pertains to the more technical side of home care. It requires skilled healthcare professionals who can provide a comprehensive and intensive care to the seniors. Usually, the people who are hired to provide medical home care are nurses, licensed therapists, and other medical experts.

When we talk about medical home care, we are dealing with a more serious health issue. As our senior’s age, their immune system may not be able to function well. Hence, the reason why various diseases will emerge. This is why when a patient is diabetic or on dialysis, we have to leave these things in the hands of a nurse or a medical expert.

Non-medical Home Care

Non-medical home care, on the other hand, offers a more diverse type of service for everyone. It does not only serve senior patients with a health problem, but it can cater to all. For example, if your senior family members are still fit and healthy but they just need someone to accompany them on a daily basis, our caregivers at 24 Hours Care, In-Home Care in Newton MA, can be your provider.

In addition, this type of care is not just limited to providing daily living assistance to seniors but they can also do light housekeeping and meal preparation in case you need these things for your own home.

Over the years, non-medical home care has helped make the lives of our seniors and their family easier. Just the thought of having someone who can look after our loved ones ensures us that they are not left alone in their houses.

Which healthcare service should you get?

If ever you are wondering what kind of health care will best suit your seniors, you have to know the state of your elderly loved ones first. If they are still fit and able, then you don’t need any medical assistance from a nurse or a therapist. If they just need someone who can remind them of their medication and accompany them regularly, a personal caregiver will do.

When it comes to all types of healthcare needs, trust 24 Hours Care, your partner in Home Care Services. For queries and reservations, you can visit our website at or call us at 617-792-0500.

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