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24 Hours Care Celebrating National Senior Independence Month


Whether a senior is living at home or in a facility, maintaining a sense of independence is a major consideration when looking to improve quality of life. Cultivating that sense of independence while also making sure the senior is safe, comfortable and has opportunities for life enrichment activities is the goal of personalized home care services.

Here are a few ways that 24 hours care can provide assistance to enhance a senior’s independence:

  1. Creating a safe home environment: 24 hours care offers a free in-home safety assessment to determine which home safety adaptations such as bathroom grab bars, hand rails, adequate lighting, home accessibility and furniture placement may be helpful to keep the home safer from falls.
  2.  Medication reminders: Medications must be taken as prescribed in order to obtain the best health results, and thus the most independence possible. Home care agencies can assist with assuring that only the most recent prescribed medications are taken, give reminders for times medication is needed, and teach the importance of following the doctor’s instructions.
  3. Exercise and activities: Exercise is fundamental to maintaining circulation and bone density in seniors. Our in-home caregivers assist in activities and exercise that are suited to an individual’s capabilities and interests.
  4. Nutritious meal planning and preparation: A healthy lifestyle promotes independence through fighting decline. Muscle loss is an inevitable consequence of aging, but incorporating adequate amounts of protein into the diet can help the body make muscle. Our caregivers can plan and prepare nutritious and tasty meals alongside the senior for whom he or she is providing care.
  5. Technology: 24 hours care can assist with the coordination of in-home medical monitoring or telehealth. Telehealth allows data collection of a person’s vitals on a regular basis without leaving the comfort of home and reduces hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Vitals can be measured at home with the devices and reported immediately to a physician.
  6. Transportation and special outings: If possible to get out of the house, being able to run errands or attend social functions and have the freedom to choose special outings goes a long way towards enhancing a feeling of independence. Our in-home caregivers can arrange, provide the transportation or accompany the senior for these outings.
  7. Care coordination: 24 hours care can also assist with coordinating care across healthcare providers for the smoothest care transitions.
  8. Nourishing the spirit: For seniors who live alone, isolation is an unfortunate aspect of their daily lifestyle. Our in-home caregivers can boost their mood, while regular conversation finetunes the mind and memory.

In addition, our homecare department also incorporates the skills and expertise of nurses who assist in care management. They can provide a full assessment to help you and your loved one make the best decisions possible regarding appropriate care.

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