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We are with you every step of the way . . .

As hospital stays become shorter, an important aspect of home care is close cooperation with both hospital discharge planners and insurance companies. This coordination ensures that earlier discharges are cost-effective for hospitals and support services are medically appropriate for each patient. At 24 Hours Care we offer medical as well as non-medical care for elderly or people suffering from chronic diseases. We specialize in helping patients with ALS, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s and Aphasia, Mental health and Cancer.

We help patients manage these chronic and progressive diseases with loving and appropriate medical and general care. We have experienced and trained healthcare professionals who provide compassionate care to provide comfort to patients suffering from these progressive diseases & make their life a little easier. We take the time to evaluate the needs of each patient and their family and develop a plan that offers the best care possible.

Our Core Values

At 24 Hours Care we find the most competent and compatible caretaker who is experienced and trained to care for the specific patient needs. We serve with honesty, integrity and hold ourselves accountable. We maintain open and honest communication with the patient and family.

At 24 Hours Care we are committed to providing quality care using a holistic approach and are focused on enriching the lives of patients suffering from chronic illness.

At 24 Hours Care patient’s comfort and wellbeing are our first priority.

At 24 Hours Care we provide service with compassion, respect and sensitivity. We understand the importance of protecting client privacy & dignity. We foster individual independence and offer personalized services.

Complementary consultation:
We offer complementary consultation with the patient and family member to gather necessary information. This helps us in coming up with an appropriate care plan that will help the patient and the family.

Privacy and Security:
Patient privacy and security is of utmost importance and we take it very seriously. All our staff is verified by us.

Certifications and licenses that we verify:

  • CORI (Criminal Background) Check
  • Interview with staff to assess competence and work attitude
  • Verify their educational background and licenses

Experienced staff member will follow-up in your home to ensure the level of care you expect is what is being provided. You have a reason to count on us.For further information, feel free to call us over the phone: 617.559.9900 or 617.244.4676.

Contact Information

Our goal is to keep our clients healthy

We treat various health conditions and we help clients cope with their challenges.

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We are Fully Insured

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